Rev 18:4 "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,
Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and
that ye receive not of her plagues."

Page by Gavriela Shoshanna



I do not follow any man or woman in the body. I stick with reading of the scriptures period. I came out of the harlot religious system that has mixture in it because the Holy Spirit drew me out and I also was commanded to come out Revelation 18:4.

I do not believe in denominations period who are apostate now following an aligning with Rome. I do not believe in false mysticism works of the flesh {[that people are not testing the spirit }}.

I do not participate in the celebration of pagan, heathen holidays which once we are grafted into the Olive Tree {{jew/gentile}} both are to turn away from period. I have studied their roots {{origins} of all them have you? As true believers we should know the truth of them and turn away from doing what we have always done that was not right. Grace is not a license to sin and not an excuse.

I do not follow the VAIN TRADITIONS of MEN and will not receive their lies and their vanities.

I do not follow ANY Wind of Doctrines, seducing spirits and doctrines of demons period and have repented for doing so in the past when I was in the church system. I believe in God's sovereign will period with all of his ways and his children not what we think HE should do and deceiving the elect by our demands HE is sovereign and holy and we are to treat HIM as such. The Holy Spirit is grieved at the watered down, seeker friendly, emergent churches who have false doctrines of men, compromise his TRUTH and only give milk and keep their people in the dark on things that are happening in this world and not calling them to WATCH AND TO PRAY. I believe that all believers at this time in history should KNOW AND BECOME acquainted with the Doctrine of the Nicolatian Balaam and Jezebel doctrines {{researching what they are}} and repenting of them for they are in the denominations churches. Hirelings are in it for money and could care a less about truth and are squelched in preaching truth because they are 5013c. They have become FAT off the people and are WARNED in Ezkiel 34 to repent. 

I do not under any circumstances believe in 'FRESH FIRE" which is REALLY "STRANGE FIRE" works of the flesh Revivals". I believe all things are to be done in order as the Bible says and will not receive ANOTHER SPIRIT as so many have and are deceived by it and exhibit demonic behaviors and manifestations.

I do not follow {{ any movement}} nor do I believe in adding or taking away from the word which MANY are doing thinking it is spiritual deceiving the elect.

I do NOT endorse Contemplative Prayer because it goes directly against scripture and how we were taught to pray in the scriptures. I am exhausted with people trying to create something new in addition to the scriptures to get their "so called" new following.

I do NOT tolerate ANY NEW AGE LANGUAGE in any professing believer in Messiah Yahusha/Jesus and if I see ANY NEW AGE verbage coming froim you that is not of our G-d. If you are involved in secret societies Freemasons Knights of anything, Eastern Star you are in sin and worshiping two masters . I read the word just the way it is and refuse to accept any twisting of my FATHER'S to make it say what we have always been taught. I believe in line on line precept on precept teaching.

I will not associate with you if you do not bless the nation of Israel which we are called to do. I believe in the spiritual OLIVE TREE of Romans chapter 11 and I do not believe that the "church of Rome or her protestant daughters" replaced the OLIVE TREE SPIRITUAL ISRAEL BY FAITH.

I believe the OLD confirms the NEW.

I believe from Genesis to Revelation "2 Timothy 3:16 that {All scripture} is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. Men who have mega churches or want to be popular with men who do not preach or teach the whole counsel of the God of Israel and who are hirelings concerned about Money and Church growth {{in their flesh}} and want their own Followings, who are getting FAT off the Master Shepherds sheep their teachings are not welcome as part of the brethren.



Capitalizing in this post is a correction and a rebuke to the {{gentiles grafted in}} into the Spiritual Olive Tree of Romans 11.  

We {{grafted in gentiles}} can not provoke them {[the Jews/Yehudim}} to jealousy by worshiping our ELOHIM of Israel and their ELOHIM - in pagan ways and practices {{vain traditions that have been handed down to us over the years that go directly against scripture and Abba's correction to us found in His Word}.

Our deception of worshiping HIM in the pagan ways/customs of the nations/gentiles is the same sin as what Aaron the priest of the LEVITES did! Do you recall that Aaron {{was lured by the voice of HaSatan}}? What happened? Aaron decided to erect a false idol : worshipping the ELOHIM of Israel with the golden calf and calling it a feast unto YHVH! .

Sadly, the gentiles do the same thing and they REFUSE to REPENT of pagan holidays calling them celebrations unto YHVH! Sadly; the majority of them {[gentiles grafted in}} are in error as well.

We {Jews/gentiles} grafted into the Spiritual Olive Tree of Israel are MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES/SIN unto YHVH and think that it does not provoke our heavenly ABBA unto anger? It does. As we can see judgment will come on the house of YHVH first and we will be punished for our transgressions and could die in the wilderness for our sins just as the Israelites did as we have been warned in I COR chapter 10 to NOT DO AS THEY DID!

Those grafted in gentiles who are - deceived into thinking you are better than the Yehudim guess what? You are not. You can think you are but the meek will only inherit this earth; so you might want to reconsider a blind sight on your part. Also, we {{grafted in gentiles}} can not provoke them {{the jews/Yehudim}} to jealousy by being anti-Semitic either.

ANYONE who attempts to elevate the gentiles over them {{the Yehudim}} is IN SERIOUS danger.

Let me explain. Christ-MASS and Easter; they are not of HIM. If you think celebrating HIM in pagan ways which HE has warned you about in His Word which you just gaff off and be like Eve in the garden thinking to yourself "ELOHIM did not say that" you are deceived beloved by Satan. They are not HIS Feasts.

Additionally, to say the 10 commandments were done away with is another lie we have bought when Paul said we establish the LAW. The LAW does not justify one's salvation; yet it is not done away with either. We are called to be doers of His Word not hearers only and to observe the 10 commandments in obedience is our LOVE to ABBA FATHER and loving our neighbor as ourselves. Besides has heaven and earth passed away? {{MATTHEW 5:17-18}} No it has not.

So with that said,  we are to obey them out of love. Grafted in Yehudim and Gentiles in the Spiritual Olive Tree of Israel I say this to you in love. As it was with Aaron the High Priest in the wilderness, you too may be worshiping your ELOHIM in your own ways not His ways. His requirements are not our ways and if we love HIM we seek find the ways in which we are to show HIM love. I will direct you to the book of John chapter 14 verses 14-18.

It is not legalism for our Savior said it is love.